Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may assist you, but if you still need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Will this style be available in 6-12 months?

Our Designer’s can do up to two ranges a year. Which leads to styles being discontinued by our Designer’s. Just think of mother nature, as the seasons change so do the gowns.

When should I order my gown?

Your safe zone is 10 months prior. This allows for delivery and alterations to be done with ease.

What if I’m getting married in 12-18 months?

I always advise my Bride’s to Be if you look early then prepare yourself. As you may fall in love with a gown now you’ll need to order it in it’s season before it’s gone.

Your Bridesmaid lives Overseas or Interstate?

Not a problem. Every Bridal Party has them and at Annabel’s Bridal Studio we can do orders over the phone. We’ll guide you through the steps of what information we need for the loved ones who aren’t in Canberra.

Does it matter what my earrings are made of?

Yes it does. We are frequently told by photographers that plastic beads come up black and grey in wedding photo’s. Crystals always sparkle.